Sign Form
I have decided to create a modular system of signs from the site plan. After experimentation, I chose ten shapes that can fit together in many different ways. These shapes would be used according to the need. They were modified to fit a grid grid based on a 1.6 cm square, which is proportionate to the x-heights of the type. The generated shapes create a sort of puzzle that would be interesting to visitors. While the clean cut out material create a contrast with the messy texture background, the irregular shapes hint at the roughness and the unevenness of the site.

Two languages should be included in the signage of a Beirut neighborhood, Arabic, the official language of the country and English, a universal language. Arabic and English scripts are very different. Arabic reading starts at the right. Typefaces of the Arab language are very scarce. Some typefaces were designed both for the Arabic alphabet and the English alphabet. After conducting a visual research on the typographic style that is present in Gouraud street and its neighboring areas, I narrowed my type choice to two typefaces: Sada (seria in English) and Fresco.

Different Signs
The signage system developed is composed of six types of signs:
Street statutory signs that can also present a color photograph of a famous interior according to their position. Directional signs that are based on known landmarks (church, school, stairs, old restaurant). When alone, the directional signs present a colored photograph of the landmark. Identification signs for landmarks. They present a black and white photograph and a written history of the location. Directional signs that reveal hidden wonders in the street (architectural elements, artistic or historical artifacts). An electronic system a digital touch screen that presents an interactive map and a list of places to visit. The visitor can choose to go through the list of places or decides to have a local recommend places and tell him the history of the street (asking locals being one of the characteristic of Beirut tourism). A static conventional map for pedestrians to locate themselves.

Final Signs in Elevation